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Mega Minis offer more molds for sale

Mega Minis now have a second set of miniature moulds available for sale. From their announcement:
Round two includes another 100 molds for sale from newly discontinued Mega Miniatures products on May 5th. This will conclude our offerings for the 2011 season. These molds and master castings are priced to sell. Download our recently updated “Molds for Sale” Word format catalog. The figures will continue to be sold in both our stores until a buyer purchases the molds. This includes pending items as I have made payment arrangement plans with some of the buyers. I would like to thank the nine companies who purchased 46 items and 76 molds in less than a month since our first list. All active buyers will receive a first look at future mold offerings before we announce the list to the gaming community. 200 more molds will go up for sale in April of 2012 as part of my downsizing schedule. I will not be reducing the resale prices of the figures in question since I do not want to hurt their resale value.