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Mega Miniatures updates their sold molds for July

Mega Miniatures gives us an update on their selling of their molds, letting you know what's gone and who's purchased them.

From the update:

The following products have found new homes in the month of July and are no longer available from Mega Miniatures.

DEAL-20035 Ballista
DEAL-0376 / 0377 Barbarian Mounted and foot
DEAL-0380 / 0381 Elf Mounted and foot
DEAL-0382 / 0383 Chaos Knight Mounted and foot
DEAL-0384 / 385 Elven Dark Lord Mounted and foot
DEAL-0386 / 0387 Wizard Mounted and foot
MEM-40001 Sheep and Ram x 3
MEM-40002 Pigs x 2
MEM-40003 Cows x 2
MEM-40004 Goats x 2
DEAL-40006 Fox
DEAL-40006 Hound
MEM-40018 Wolves x 3
DEAL-40021e German Shepard
MEM-40016 Bears x 3
MEM-40010 Deer x 3
DEAL-40009d Cat resting
DEAL-40009e Cat prowling
DEAL-40023a Boar
MEM-40022 Lions x 3
DEAL-40025a Duck
DEAL-40025d Pheasant
DEAL-40025e Turkey
DEAL-40013 Eagle & Hawk x 2
MEM-40043 Critters x 6
Zombies 272 through 291 and 605 through 618 (31 codes)
MEM-10001 Giant Tarantula x 2
MEM-10002 Giant Scorpion x 2
MEM-10007 Giant Snake x 3
MEM-90002 Skeletons set (12 codes in all)
MEM-29008 Beastmen Boars x 4
MEM-29009 Beastmen Rams x 4
DEAL-0726 Org Warlord
DEAL-0727 Vinny the Saw
DEAL-0728 Nicky the Knife
DEAL-0316 Centaur with Sword
DEAL-0317 Centaur Mace
DEAL-0318 Centaur with Axe
DEAL-0319 Centaur with Spear
DEAL-0320 Centaur with bow
DEAL-0321 Centaur with sword
DEAL-0663 Frogman with Sword
DEAL-0664 Frogman with Mace
DEAL-0665 Frogman with spear
DEAL-0666 Frogman with slingshot
DEAL-0671 Ratman with Sword
DEAL-0672 Ratman mage
DEAL-0673 Ratman with sword
DEAL-0674 Ratman clawing
DEAL-40009a Cat sitting
DEAL-40009f Cat on back
DEAL-40020e Dingo
DEAL-40025c Pelican
DEAL-40033a Flamingo

Mega Miniatures will be selling off all mold assets and closing their online store on December 29th 2013. As molds sell, products will be immediately removed from the online store.
836 remaining items can be found at