Mega Miniatures parts store now open

Mega Minis has opened up their parts store. Now you can get the individual bitz you want, when you want them.

From the notice:

These are the first offerings of our new Parts Shop. Items are only available in our shopping cart store and I will be adding more weapons, chassis, wheels, tracks, etc. in the near future. See item description in store for size, details, and compatibility.

MEM-55000A Weapons Assortment x 14 $4.50
MEM-55000B Robotic Arm x 3 sections $2.50
MEM-55000C Rotary Blade Weapon 50 cents
MEM-55000D Mining Blade Weapon 50 cents
MEM-55000E Air cooled Auto Cannon $1.00
MEM-55000F Energy Weapon $1.00
MEM-55000G Large Gatling Gun Weapon $2.00
MEM-55000H Large Nova Bombard $2.00