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Mega Mat Kickstarter unlocks 'Urban Combat' mat

Frontline Gaming and Tablewar have unlocked the Urban Combat mat over on their Mega Mat Kickstarter campaign.


From the update:

The wait is over, Urban Combat is here! This Mega Mat is sure to be very popular. It is extremely detailed, these pictures are only at a quarter resolution. At full res, you can actually read the headlines on the newspapers that litter the battlefield! There are all manor of characterful images such as burning flares, tread marks, cracked cement, etc. that bring the scene to life and add a new level of immersion to your games!

This Mega Mat is not only good looking, but extremely functional. It allows you to place buildings in a number of locations where they will be framed by the streets and sidewalks. Also, the graphics on the mat can be used as areas of terrain themselves or they can be covered by buildings or other pieces of terrain to alter the way it looks! We designed it so that you could alter the placement of buildings and terrain on the mat so that the layout of the city would change from game to game. You can for example, cover the park areas to have a totally urban environment, or leave some or all of them exposed to mix it up. This allows a lot of variety in game play. As soon as possible, we will post pics with buildings on an actual mat as this one really comes to life with terrain on it, it looks smashing when set up!

The streets are wide enough for 28mm tank vehicles to move along and look like they fit properly, and the sidewalks also, are scaled for infantry sized 28mm models.

We've also put visual indicators on the Urban Combat mat to show you where deployment zones are for popular wargames. See if you can spot them all! Also, please note that the "Urban Combat" Watermarks on the image are not on the actual gaming mat, and the Frontline Gaming and Tablewar logos pictures on the sample images are shown to watermark the images and do not appear on the actual gaming mat as shown in the images. Also please note, the full image includes the "bleed" around the edges which is a part of the manufacturing process and won't be on the final mat images.

We think you'll be thrilled with the Urban Combat Mega Mat as we are! We can't wait to get a game in on this bad boy.