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Meeples & Miniatures podcast episode 108 posted, interviews from Salute

Meeples & Miniatures has posted episode 108 of their podcast up online for your listening pleasure.

In this episode:

This show comprises of several interviews that I recorded during the recent Salute 2013 show and the Excel Centre, London, and includes interviews with:

Nick Skinner (Too Fat Lardies)
Robert Avery (Scenario packs for IABSM and Quadrant 13)
Jake Thornton (Dreadball Season 2 & Deadzone)
Fireforge Games (Crusades Foot Knights and Mounted Mongols)
Hawk Wargames (Dropzone Commander)

You can download the show from the Meeples & Miniatures Website or it's available via iTunes

I hope you enjoy the show