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Medioevo Universalis Board Game Up On Kickstarter

Sometimes you just get the urge to build an empire. Or, at least, I do. Now, you can't really be going out there, building an army, conquering neighboring territories while also advancing technology and creating diplomatic relations with your neighbors. However, you can live vicariously through board games that let you do those things. Medioevo Universalis is just such a game and it's up on Kickstarter now.


From the campaign:

Players will lead one of the great medieval kingdoms of the thirteenth century by developing an intricate commercial network, advancing its technology, and weaving diplomatic relations with the other players. A number of possible adverse events can occur: natural disasters, and barbarians that will hinder military conquests or the creation of an empire.

The Kickstarter campaign is doing rather well (they're also running on Giochistarter and Spieleschmiede). They're already over their funding goal and working their way through stretch goals. The campaigns are set to run for another 23 days.