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Mechs and Gunslingers news from Gangfight Games

Gangfight Games lets us know about Mechadrome shipping as well as progress with their Blackwater Gulch board game in this new update.


From the announcement:

Mechadrome is shipping!

I just received all of models from the Kickstarter campaign and I've been shipping out rewards to many of the backers. One thing we are still waiting on is the printed rulebook and it looks like that's about 2 weeks away. As soon as the books come in the remainder of the rewards will go out :)

I also ordered lots of extra models, so anyone interested in taking advantage of the lower Kickstarter prices can order them at! New orders will be shipped out after all of the original backer's rewards, and after all of those are sent the prices will increase to the retail prices. So, get em cheap while ya can :)

In my last email I told you about the new Blackwater Gulch board game we're working on. Since then I got a lot of great feedback. I have a new version of the rulebook that I'm working on, and thought I'd share. Keep in mind it's a work in progress, but if you'd like to see how it's progressing you can download the PDF here. I'll have to take a few weeks off from the project so I can get Mechadrome's rewards fulfilled, but I'll be diving back in around the end of November and then I'll be putting together the first printed prototype.

In the meantime, here are some pics of the first 4 board tiles! You can click them for a larger image. First we have the Sheriff's Office and Saloon, then the Telegraph Office, Newspaper Office and Bank, the Golden Coin Saloon in one big tile, and the last has the Tobacconist, Assay Office and General Store.

That should do it for now! Thanks again for all your support!