Mechanical Dwarf standard preview

By tgn_admin
In Fantasy
Jan 12th, 2011

kacccper from Micro Art Studio has posted photos of the green for the Mechanical Dwarf standard on Oath Stone that they will be releasing soon.

Mechanical Dwarf standard

Update: this is not for sale but was a private commission.

  • Kroothawk

    These are not made for release by Micro Art Studio, but a special commission work for a private customer, as can be seen from the first page of said project:

  • cybogoblin

    Not accusing anyone of anything, but the dwarf is very GW looking, right down to the arms.

    Based on the comments in Kroothawk’s link I’m guessing this is deliberate. Was this model made using GW bits, and if it was it would be fun to find out how it was done (for those of us who might like to give it a try).

  • Unfortunately this was only a conversion! We’ll not release this model officially 😉


    Micro Art Studio

  • Kroothawk

    Yes, these private commissions openly use GW material (see 2nd entry of project), this one a clan warrior standard bearer with a.o. a Skaven gas mask and Micro Art bases for the plinth.

  • Like Kroothawk said I’ve used an old warrior mini. The backpack was made of organ gun parts mixed with sculpted pips.

    • cybogoblin

      Very kewl. Thanks for the details 🙂

  • Zac

    The article has been updated. Sorry for the confusion

    • Morf

      Just pay GW back for the stamps they used on C&D and you are square 🙂