Mechadrome – Terran Medium Mech 3D Print

Gangfight Games is showing off the parts to their Terran Medium Mech 3D print they just got in.
If this is the medium, just think how big the heavies will be.


From the preview:

I just got the 3D prints for the Terran Medium mech. This is the 28mm scale version. I’ll have the 15mm done soon. He’s held together with sticky poster putty, so he’s not posed very well. But, as you can see, he’s pretty huge. I’ll be sending him out to get the resin molds made shortly!

In other news, I just released a new version of the rulebook. You can download the new PDF from my website at I’ve updated everything to cover 28mm distances more clearly, and I’ve also added a lot of new stuff such as campaign rules and a chart you can use to simulate drawing Arena Cards… those cards will be optional, but will be a deck where both players draw a card at the beginning of each turn to give you random objectives, powerups and arena conditions to keep everyone on their toes 🙂 You can still play the basic “set up and fight” kind of game, or use the cards to shake things up.

It’s looking like we’ll be rebooting the Kickstarter campaign around late May or early June, and we’ll be focusing on just 28mm scale mechs.. but the original 15mm models will still be offered as add-ons for the folks that want them.