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Mechadrome previews 2 pilot cards

Gangfight Games has posted up a pair of pilot cards so you can get a look at some of the players in the game.


From the posts:

Raking the ground with blaster fire, Tsuragowa roars from the sky riding twin contrails of booster jet flame right into the heart of the opposing team. Landing amongst them, shrouded by the dirt and debris kicked up by his weapons fire, ‘Rag grabs hold of the nearest enemy Mech, gripping tight and laying in with some close quarters fire. If he can, he uses his boosters to keep them off-balance, jinking one way then the next, long enough for their systems to start to power down due to overload. And then he’s off to the next engagement, just another prime example of Team Bushido’s infamous hit/run tactics.

Buzzkill's famous career began in the dark period when Mechadrome was more violent than the wars it was designed to replace. Discovered in one of the many thousands of scrap-settlements, foraging off discarded military hardware and selling what she found for food, Buzzkill was quickly signed by the Terran talent scout Hamazdian Cole. Impressed by her natural tactical presence of mind that allowed her to evade capture for several days, Cole immediately started her on a rough regime of Mech combat drills, arena awareness and team tactics.

Kitted out with both close and ranged weaponry, Buzzkill delights in distract and hold tactics, keeping opponents either hunkered down under a deluge of missile strikes while other team mates flank them, or grappling up close with her buzzsaw, before falling back for more powerfully armed Mechs to finish them off.