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Mechadrome passes funding goal

Gangfight Games has made it past their funding goal for Mechadrome over on Kickstarter. So it's on to stretch goals for the next 22 days.

Pilot Card


From the campaign:

Howdy folks!

I just wanted to make a new update to keep everyone in the loop. I'm going to plan to do an update every Monday going forward, now and after the camapign, with everything that's been happening lately.

We've had quite the week here being funded so quick and lots of things in development. This coming week should be pretty productive too! Tomorrow I'm expecting the medium mech samples to show up. I'm going to build them right away and get some photos so we'll finally have real-world comparison shots of the 2 different Terran models. Then I'll dive into painting and I should have the terran mediums painted up this weekend, with Team Bushido a few days later. I probably won't have enough sample pieces for bodies for every mech, so I'm going to magnetize the arms and use the same bodies for each photo for now.

Jonathan Peace just finished writing the bios for each pilot, so I will be posting that soon. I want to get the models painted first and then I'll do an update with all of the bios and photos I have. I'm also going to hold off on posting the pilot card PDFs till I get the new models painted up. Don't want to just update the PDF a week later and make people feel like they have to print them twice.

I mentioned before that I ordered up prints of the other 3 light mech poses and the hazards that were going to be for the next 2 stretch goals. I decided I may as well just get the molds and everything all done anyway since I'm getting the prints done. So, when I have a chance to update the menus later I'm going to be removing the goals for the alt poses and hazards. The $10k goal for free hazard models will stay though. So the Arena Hazards will be add-on items, $10 each for a pair of hazards or objective markers, and then the first stretch goal will be the $10k free hazards goal. Unfortunately I just can't afford to lower that goal as much as I'd like to.

So that's it for now. I'll have those sample model pics of the medium mech tomorrow night :)