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Mechadrome Medium Mech preview

Gangfight Games is showing off the first previews for the medium mechs for Mechadrome.
You thought the lights were big...

Mechadrome Medium Mechs


From the post:

The Medium Mech samples showed up today, and I wanted to share some photos. These are metal master samples, and were pretty heavy and tough to work with, but I managed to file down the very few spots of flash. I attached the arms with poster putty and they were too heavy and kept falling off. I'll glue them on when I paint them. Of course none of that matters since the final models will be resin and very light and easy to work with!

So, from left to right, we have Buzzkill, Disorder, Makuzo and Tusragowa.. and the obligatory space marine for size comparison. Over on the Kickstarter campaign page I have some close up shots and rear views, check em out!