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Mechadrome Medium & Heavy Terran Mechs previewed

GangFight Games is showing off the concept art for both the Medium and Heavy Terran Mechs they're working on for Mechadrome.


From the preview:

Howdy folks!

A lot has been happening in the last couple of weeks. I'm gearing up for the Mechadrome Kickstarter campaign that I'm hoping to launch on or around March 20th.

Here is a finished 3D render of the Terran Medium Mech. He's standing next to a light mech body for size comparison. I should have him totally finished next week and then it's off to the printer. The light mech master molds have been made, and I should have samples tomorrow. I'll paint up a few to show off on the Kickstarter page. Also, I have all new art for the Terran Heavy Mech to match the look & feel of the light and medium mechs.

Also, due to popular demand I have also decided to make a 28mm version of the Terran Light Mech, it will be the same sculpt as the 15mm model, just printed out 2X bigger. I'll be offering that as a resin "showcase" model in the Kickstarter campaign. If there's enough interest, I'll see about doing other double-sized large scale mechs and possibly also an updated rules supplement for how to play with the large models. It shouldn't be too difficult, all we really have to do is double the movement and shooting ranges. Anyway, I should have the 3D print for the 28mm light mech early next week and I'll show that off as soon as I get it :)

Stay tuned, we're almost there!