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Mechadrome Free Agent - Trion

Gangfight Games is showing off a new medium mech free agent for Mechadrome with a preview of the render for Trion.


From the preview:

Trion will be the first Free Agent for Mechadrome. Free Agents are special characters who can join any team. Trion is a Medium Mech, armed with 2 Particle Cannons, 1 Missile Pod and Booster Jets. Like other Medium Mechs, he is a $15 add-on. And, here is his bio:

There are many mysteries and surprises within the varied arenas of MechaDrome, but none as perplexing as the free agent known as Trion. Free agents were introduced as a way to spice up what had become line-up-knock-down matches, where one team had outgrown the rest in the league due to increased revenue streams (image rights and licensing had become big business thanks to the uptake of the World Network). Quickly, these Free Agents became like the movie stars of Old Earth - crowds flocked to grab a single glance of their hero, and where there were crowds, there would also be big bucks.

No one knows exactly where Trion came from. His race is a unknown, as he never steps outside his sleek mech. His name is also a mystery - TRION is etched down the left side of the mech torso - whether this is the make of the Mech, his name or a designation from some as-yet unknown military unit. He appeared during a match between Team Bushido and the Terran Titans, joining the Titans as they struggled under the speedy attacks of Bushido. With blistering attacks from his twin particle cannons, and moving with lightning speed thanks to the booster jets fastened to his legs, Trion took out three Bushido’s in rapid succession. But it was when a previously hidden missile pod raised from his shoulder section, blasting the final heavy mech into metal shards that the name Trion began to be chanted throughout the arena observation zone as well as across the many World Network bars that had been created for the general populace. The legend grew from there.

Trion is now a regular appearance at most matches, with teams doing everything they legally can (and illegally can’t) to secure his valuable services.