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Mechadrome designer interview on

Talk Wargaming sat down with Tim Kline from Gangfight Games to talk about Mechadrome.



From the interview:

Who doesn't love Mechs? The idea of taking control of a giant walking death machine is sure appeal to many. With recent titles such as Titanfall and Transformers (not strictly mechs but they are big, mechanical and killy) helping to build their fan base it seems to be the perfect time to bring them to the Wargaming table.

This is where Mechadrome comes in, a 28mm tabletop game which pits rival teams of Mechs against each other in an arena style setting. Mechadrome, by Gangfight Games, is currently receiving funding via Kickstarter and I (PH) caught up with Tim Kline (TK) to find out more about the game.