Mechadrome – Arena Hazards Preview

Gangfight Games gives you more to worry about than just the enemy mechs with a look at Arena Hazards for Mechadrome.


From the update:

We just received pictures of the new turret sculpts. We’re going to be calling these “Arena Hazards”. There will be 3 types. Fixed Hazards are stationary, they don’t move but they have better targeting systems. Roving Hazards have tank treads, and Crawling Hazards are small walkers that are the fastest moving hazard (but still slow by Mech standards).

Some teams may add hazards to their roster to pressure their opponents or defend vital positions, but they are most often used by the Arena itself to add an extra level of difficulty (and get the crowds roaring). These hazards will attack any Mech, seeking & destroying the closest target, often denying the other team of valuable points. These automated hazards will activate at the beginning of each Game Turn, before any Mechs may be activated, and they will always attack the closest target.

Arena Hazards will be available in 15mm and 28mm. They will be packaged in pairs, both of the same type, including 2 bodies, 2 missile pods and 2 blaster turrets. 15mm scale hazards will be 2 for $8, and 28mm scale hazards will be 2 for $15. They will be added to the add-ons menu this evening, and you can visit our Kickstarter campaign page for more info!

Here are the pictures! They look huge, but keep in mind these will be about half the size of a Light Mech.