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Mechadrome 3D Prints & Rulebook Updates

Gangfight Games is showing off more of their Mechadrome goodness with a look at some 3D prints and an updated preview rulebook.


From the update:

We recently got the 3D prints for the Terran Light Mechs, and I took a couple of quick photos to show scale. These are missing the shoulder armor plates, since they need to be glued on. As you can see the are about the same size as your average space marine. They came out a bit smaller than I expected, but they are actually exactly the right size, I'm just used to bigger models.. and Mechadrome is a 15mm scale game :) The medium mechs will be roughly 40mm tall and the heavy mechs around 50mm.

Master molds for the Terran Light Mechs are being done now. I hope to have master metal minis in hand next week. Dave is going to start sculpting the Terran Medium Mech next week. It will look mostly like the light mech, but it will be 40mm tall and a little beefier. All Terran mechs will have that same overall look to them, the Heavy Mech will also be similar, just even bigger. The medium mech will have space on top for 2 missile pods or small turrets up over the shoulder, rather than 1 in the middle, and the weapon arms will be done differently, where the gun attaches to an elbow piece rather than full single arms like the light mechs. This should allow for more pose-abilities in the bigger mechs.

Also, the Public Playtest Rulebook has been updated! You can download it from our website.

Newest changes are:

1. Mech's Power attribute now effects ranged weapons, instead of just melee weapons. All standard mech weapons add +1 to your Mech's power, and all heavy weapons add +2.

2. Terrain rules were updated. A covered target now gets a +1 shields bonus, a concealed target now gets a +2 bonus.

3. Added rules for Free Agents, who are pilots driving unique mechs who can join any team and also rules for All Star games where you can use pilots from any team or race.

4. The following new Mech upgrades were added:

- Assault Mech - Combine 2 melee attacks into 1 big roll, like Salvo for shooting. Has to be either basic attacks, or 2 of the same melee weapon.
- Recon - If you have line of sight to an enemy, he won't get a cover bonus if your teammates target him, and concealed targets will only get a +1 shield bonus rather than +2.
- Infiltrator - You are always considered concealed when you're in cover.
- Strider - +1 speed, light mechs only.
- Last Laugh - Your escape pod has a hidden missile port, when your mech blows up and your pilot ejects you get free shot at whoever blew you up, treated like a missile pod attack.
- Deflector Shields - If you get shot and make a successful saving throw you can deflect the blast at any enemy within 6".
- Combat Drop - If your Mech has Booster Jets, you don't deploy with the rest of your team. On the 2nd game turn you can land anywhere on the board. Landing uses 1 energy, so you can use remaining actions to attack or move into cover or anything else.

I'll be finishing up the rosters for the Terran Titans and Team Bushido shortly, and other teams after that, but in the meantime you can just build your own mechs for test games :)

We have also decided to change the contents of our starter sets. Rather than 5 Light Mechs, they will all include 4 Light Mechs and 1 Medium Mech for the Team Captain to drive. This should give the sets a lot more variety, but it could end up pushing our Kickstarter campaign launch back a couple of weeks to late March or early April, but we still haven't decided for sure yet. Stay tuned!