Mechabrick Kickstarter final day

By Polar_Bear
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Nov 12th, 2013
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Mechabrick has only a day left on their Kickstarter campaign. They’ve made it over their goal and have some stretch goals unlocked, plus some gameplay videos and so forth. If you’ve not checked them out yet, you’ve only got a little time left to do so.


From the campaign:

The Mechabrick board-game featuring 1/144 scale mecha built around minifigs is entering it’s last 48hrs on Kickstarter. The first stretch goal of matched 1/144 scale ‘nanofigs’ to lend scale to your mechs has been unlocked and all being well a couple more will be unlocked before it ends on Wednesday. Mechabrick is also now partnering with the ‘Skulls’ Kickstarter campaign to give you freebies and allow you to meake the ‘Skull Mech’ to further terrorise your opponents.

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  • Love the looks of this game, but I am seriously wondering why they are concentrating on getting the same model made in different colours rather than producing the later stretch goals that will make the game more fun and bring the game to life imho.

    The thought of having big robots with swords, shields different guns and back packs is great!!! The realisation of having them coloured different seems really underwhelming and I feel that this could have been so much more than what it is now. Still it has been funded, so I hope to see it in the shops, still with only 266 people on board this KS I can sense this being a hard game to find people to commit too.

    I do hope all I have written is completely wrong and we see a sudden surge in numbers by the end of project. 🙂