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Mecha1945 Launches On Kickstarter

As any long-time reader here knows, I love mechs. Gundam, MechWarrior, and so forth are some of my favorite things out there. What can I say? I dig giant robots (You dig giant robots. Chicks dig giant robots!). So when I see a new game about giant robots (and has the name right there in the title), I'm instantly drawn to it. Such is the case with Mecha1945, a new game that's up on Kickstarter now.

In the game, you and your other mech-piloting opponents are tromping around Manhattan (because why not?). But only one can be the greatest of all mech pilots. So maneuver yourself around the (destructible) terrain and try and take out your opponents. The game uses a "program" system for your turn, meaning you and your opponents play your cards for the turn face-down before anyone goes and then take turns flipping them face-up and performing the maneuver listed there. So you've got some forward-thinking and bluffing going on with gameplay.