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McVey Studios Announce Sedition Wars Painting Contest

McVey Studios Announce Sedition Wars Painting Contest:

From their announcement:

We're proud to announce our first painting competition!

The studio is currently hard at work on the Sedition Wars - Battle for Alabaster game - so we thought we would open it up and little and give everyone the chance to get their favourite Sedition Wars miniature (painted by them) featured in the final game.

There will be two categories in the painting competition - single Vanguard miniature and single Strain miniature. We'll be offering vouchers for the studio store as prizes, along with the chance to get your painted miniature in the final game (most likely on the box, but we haven't decided exactly where yet). We're also going to give the category winners any one the sold out LE resin miniature castings as a special prize (we have a very few pristine castings of them stashed away - all very low numbers) - so if you missed Ar-Fienel, Lt Kara Black or Isabella, now is your chance to win one.

As an added incentive, we're putting the entire Sedition Wars line on sale for the duration of the competition - just use code SWPAINT in the checkout process and you'll get 10% off your order. (This includes Firebrand miniatures, even though there isn't a Firebrand category).