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MazeScroll, a new type of tabletop game, up on Kickstarter

Konokopia has launched a Kickstarter campaign for MazeScroll, a new style of tabletop game.


From the campaign:

Are you old fashioned? Are you not ready to let go completely of the analog age and immerse yourself completely in the digital, virtual world? Do you love the pen and the paper? Do you like doodling? Do you like leaving a real mark behind? Then you are like me.

I love art and I love to doodle and I love pens and I love paper and I love pen & paper visual puzzles. And I want my cake and eat it too, so I created the MazeScroll Series, maze puzzle games that draw their inspiration from art. But more than that, MazeScrolls represent a new genre of games: the pen & paper dice games for multiple players.

The MazeScroll Series is a group of maze puzzle games in the form of scrolls. They are art, they are maze puzzles, they are interactive art. But even better than that they are group interactive art because most of the MazeScrolls can be played by multiple players.