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Maze Quest - Eternal Stone up on Verkami

Maze Quest - Eternal Stone is a new dungeon delving board game that's up on Verkami (a crowdfunding website). Taking creative cues from works like Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal, the game pits heroes versus a labyrinth master who will do everything they can to keep the heroes from their goal. The game will come in both Spanish and English.
The campaign is online for another 33 days. They're still a long way from their goal, but with a cool idea and a lot of time on the clock, they've got a good chance of making it.


From the campaign:

We present our board game Maze Quest - Eternal Stone, a new game that continues the tradition of the best dungeon crawler and live epic adventures set in a magical and labyrinthine world.

Maze Scale is a project started by sculptor Raúl Pozo in order to create a new range of 28mm miniatures set in a magical and labyrinthine environment.

It is designed for 2-5 players in which one player takes control of the guardian of the labyrinth and its creatures and the other players will choose one of four heroes Zlatings available. The estimated duration of each mission time is between 40-180 minutes. Language: Spanish- English.