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Mayhem and General's Compendium Updated over on Bombshell Games

Bombshell Games updated their books for both Mayhem and General's Compendium. Be sure you're playing with the most up-to-date versions!

From the announcement:

MAYHEM had been updated with new Crown costs for the MOV and CQ characteristics and a new recommended starting game size of 200 Crowns. These values have been revised throughout all the various documents and builders. These cost revisions have prompted a change to the Axe weapon trait - make sure to check that out!

The General's Compendium is updated as well, and it now contains advanced rules for standing orders, 'setting' your troops, and charges. Not only do these rules increase the tactical options available to you, but they allow you to increase the size of the forces you can field in battle.

As always, these updates are completely free of charge. To obtain them, simply return to Wargame Vault and download the updated files. I look forward to hearing what you think!