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Mayfair Games Running Cones of Dunshire Kickstarter

Mayfair Games is running a Kickstarter campaign for the Cones of Dunshire, a game inspired by an episode of the popular television show, Parks & Rec (enjoy the show, haven't seen that particular episode, though). A version of the game was a big hit at Gen Con this past year, so now you can bring it home to your own tabletop, if they make it to their goal. They're still quite a long way away, but there's almost 2 months on the clock yet.

... Ok, so the campaign's not really for the game, but for merchandise associated with the game and the event from Gen Con.
That is, until the $500 level, where you supposedly do get a Deluxe Edition of The Cones of Dunshire.


From the campaign:

Everything about this version of the game is designed to be impressive. The multi-level board will be over ten square feet in size, featuring artwork by Jared Blando. There will be more cards than you can shake a handcrafted artisan stick at. There will be components galore, to punch and explore! Imagine yourself punching out five or perhaps six sheets of the finest die-cut chipboard. Imagine seeing all of your favorite Dunshire characters rendered in 2d.

One might say, “collect all 17,” but here they are, all in one box. Take a second to think about each of them, who they are, and what they mean for you: Wizard, Maverick, Arbiter, Corporal, Warriors, Dragon, Alchemist, Provost, Denier, Shaman, Abbott, Brinksman, Farmer, Duchess, Mountebank, Minstrel, and Tradesman. We will soon be showing art from Aaron J. Riley and others as we proceed.

Each character has a Character Sheet with all their absurd variety of powers, and to top it off we’re providing you with three of each so that multiple players can enjoy an infinite combination of character power combos (please note that this is hyperbole, but trust us, it’s a big number). You will have hero tokens and civilization tokens to impress your friends and relatives.

A mountain of coins will be included, such that if they were real coins, you would be very rich. In addition, the game will be packed with gems. Real plastic gems, so real that if they were any more real they would be worth more than the price of the game, so plastic it is. Imagine large ones and small ones in 3 colors: red, yellow, and blue.

Dunshire is a dangerous place and with danger there is conflict. The Front of Traganaro piece shows where a never-ending combat roils, as the battle line is pushed back and forth across the land.

The dice! One must roll dice to see how many dice need to be rolled. You will see 4 sets of dice that include both six sided dice and mindboggling 8 sided dice. These 8 siders are like no others, and will be provided in two colors. Seriously, it’s gonna be great.

But, of course, it’s all about the cones. Sure, there are some games that have cones, but then there is THIS game. Wrap your head around 48 Cones of Dunshire cones in 4 different colors, Red, Green, Yellow, AND Blue. And who can forget the Start Player Cone? Is it the most important cone in the game? You have to play to find out. Then there is the big one, The Cone of Decision, AKA The Dark Cone. This one is a monster. I mean this thing is a gigantic piece of wood. Please do not use it as a weapon. This giant cone can only be controlled by the Cone Sheath, which slides on snugly.

Then there is the box! Oh what a box this is going to be. How else are you going to hold a game this big without a container that won’t fall apart under its own weight? It is a “box” like you’ve never seen before. In the coming weeks, we will show you exactly what that means!

In addition, we have a spectacular additional component set to add to the game. You can include special hero and civilization tokens. But really, if you were wowed by the concept of a 2D version, wait until you see these characters as fully formed miniatures in metallic three dimensions (and by that I mean with your eyes in real life). These will come with their own special base for gameplay and will be painted to look brassy and “old fashioned.”

This is expensive, but this is a one-time opportunity to own a legendary game in an edition that people will talk about and desire for years. Nothing else will bring The Architect’s vision to life, as this game will! Become a part of history–be one of the proud owners of the Deluxe Edition of The Cones of Dunshire!