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May Sale at Miniature Building Authority

Miniature Building Authority is having themselves a sale for the month of May. You can head over to their webshop and check out what's on offer and get some great deals. Both items from MBA as well as Direct Terrain are on sale. In fact, everything from Direct Terrain is 10% off, but other things can get to be as much as around 30% off.

They also have an announcement about their Castle Kickstarter pieces. All of the terrain from that project, including stretch goals, is now available in their webshop. The only thing that's not available are the castle wenches. But if you want some walls or towers, you can pick those up.

For an example of some of the sale prices you can find:
10172 Dark Age Cottage $39.95
10192 Stone Piers $14.95
10201 Farmstead Walls $44.95
10202 Kirk $64.95
10709 Garage Block $19.95