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May Releases Posted from Scotia Grendel

We're halfway through May. That's a pretty good time to post up one's May releases, and Scotia Grendel has done just that. They've got two characters and two units now available, plus a new bridge terrain piece, because nobody really wants to have to wade across an icy river if they don't have to. Ok, maybe I know some people that would, but I know some really strange people.

For their Generic Fantasy Range, Scotia has released Lady Nete, who is an elf noblewoman (aren't all elves nobles of some kind, so it would seem?) and Burggraf Lothar, who is a famous knight known as "The Orcs Tamer" (I hear he's got a great circus act with them). In terms of units, there's the Western Swordsmen Set II and the Northern Archers Command. Those are the "good guys," if you will. As for the guys that go "bump" in the night, those are the Minions of the Fallen.

And like mentioned earlier, there's a new 1/300 scale stone bridge now available as well.