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May releases from ADB

Amarillo Design Bureau have announced two new products for May 2011. These products will ship on May 16th, 2011 From their announcement:
Star Fleet Battles: Module C3A The Andromedan Threat File When the Andromedans began to rampage through our galaxy, and even when they tried to conquer it, nobody was really sure just what the Andromedans had or how they worked or what they wanted. You could (in peacetime, anyway) buy Klingon or Romulan books and have a basic working knowledge of their culture, ships, and technology, but the Andromedans remained a mystery until they were wiped out. So, the fleet intelligence services did what you would expect: they guessed. Most of the time, they guessed wrong. Worse, they assumed that the Andromedans would develop their ships just as the galactic powers did. This book compiles all of these guesses. Stock #5635, $19.95
Gurps Federation Those annoying do-gooders of the galaxy are here! Dozens of planetary surveys, a hundred starships, fiction, sample characters, stages of colonial development, new species templates, and more. The book covers government organization and agencies, political history (the Union and Federal parties battle for control), justice system, social contract, law enforcement, adventure seeds, Donjebruche trading post, mysteries of the Federation, the Cosmopolitans, the Orion enclave, notable non-Federation worlds inside (and outside) the borders, Federation Express corporation, and more. Military data includes orders of battle, weapons, deck plans of the Burke-class frigate, Marines, armored vehicles, Star Fleet Academy, paramilitary groups and private security companies, and more! This is the GURPS version, licensed and approved by Steve Jackson Games. SKU 8402, $24.95