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May releases for Eden now available from Taban Miniatures

Taban Miniatures has their May 2012 Eden releases now available for you to buy and take home and play with and love like a small child... err... or something like that, anyway.

From the release:

Our new Eden releases are available !
3 new fighters for the existing factions :

Kate for the Resistance, Leisl for the convoy and the Yellow geisha for the ISC drones.

Besides these babes, we are proud to launch the Hord masters that can control all our critters as a brand new faction !

The Broodmaster and the Beastmaster are packed in single blisters or in starter packs with the creatures and the faction cards.

This factions will bring a seventh gameplay to the game, based on a new resource the frenzy : the more you kill the mightier your critters will be !