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May Release for Chapterhouse Studios - Order of the Empress's Tears TRU-Scale Kit

Chapterhouse Studios has posted up their May releases on their website. Customize your models to how you want them to look.

From the update:

Hello Chapterhouse Studios customers and fans,

This week we have a new kit to add to our Knights Praetorius TRU-Scale line.

The "Knights Praetorius" are the Empress' most loyal soldiers and reknown throughout the human sphere. Each order has a history as well as heraldry that is unique to its ranks. The Order of the Empress's Tears is named so because of the near annihilation the order faced when they were the sole defense for the Empress when her Flagship came under assault during the Battle of Permidian. Isolated and without support, the order was annihilated to almost the last soldier before reinforcements had arrived. Only 2 soldiers survived the Kin'rth attack against the Empress and her closest advisors. Because of this sacrifice, the Empress renamed the unit and changed the units heraldry to include the "red tears" of the empress as its main standard.

Each resin kit comes unassembled and unpainted. The28 mm TRU-Scale kit comes with enough components to assemble a squad of 6 "Knight Praetorius" - 12 assorted armored pauldrons, 6 torsos, 6 sets of legs and 6 equipment backpacks. Please note it is necessary to purchase heads, arms, weapons and bases to assemble as shown. Chapterhouse Studios Marine Heads and weapons are scaled appropriately for use with this kit. We recommend 28mm scale model kits for assembly with this kit.

Examples of assembled and painted models by Worthy Paintings' Artist Alistair Armes are available here. This new release is available for $22.50 for the set.

Also this month we recieved a stunning representation of our standard "Knights Praetorius" kit assembled completely with Chapterhouse Studios components - - Spiky Marine Head, Open Fist Power Claws, and Combi-Flamer Component. The model was painted up by Jose Veiga.

Coming up in June, I hope to have some new products to add to our female imperial guard line, some dark space elf characters as well as a kit that will add some variety for those of you who play Games Workshops Tyranids.