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May Micropanzer Wargame Studio update

Micropanzer Wargame Studio have news of a new forum as well as a sale. From their announcement:
Right now I am configuring the layout of 15mm production molds to fit the squads for faction lists and getting all 32mm figures on their own mold. Until them I am offering a 20% discount to move some of the extra product I have on hand, Be sure to check out the store before everything is gone.   I am slowly working on getting content for site back up - Not really in a big rush to do so as I am saving funds to hire a professional designer this fall.   Will not be much in the way of news over the summer - Working on play testing core rules wand faction specific rules, hammering out 1-2 army lists for 4 factions and getting models made to fill the gaps. August/September hope to be able to release beta rules for open playtesting.   I will be doing all news and previews through the forum as it keeps things simple. I have just started posting there so not much to see at this time.   Jason Moore