May Infinity releases

Corvus Belli have announced their May 2010 releases for Infinity.

Chasseurs (Adhesive Launcher) €7.50
Get ready to get into the enemy territory with this sexy Merovingian infiltrator. Her Adhesive weapon can stop any enemy, regardless his size or strength. This French-Ariadnan girl can be a dream or a nightmare, depending if you are on her side or in the opposite, and the High Command is sure she will be the spearhead of all your attacks.

Knights of Montesa (Combi Rifle+Light GL) €8.50
Here is the first armoured knight of the year. The Knight of Montesa, thanks to the Mechanized Deployment Special Skill, is the spearhead of PanOceania, always deployed in advance. This figure means a double joy for the PanOceanian players, as they can use this model not only in the Military Order Sectorial Army but too in the Acontecimento Shock Army.

Shàng Jí Invincible (Combi Rifle+Light Flamethrower) €8.50
Corvus Belli listens to the Infinity community. One of the most expected figures, as it has been called by the fandom, the outstanding Shàng Jí from the Yu Jing Starter Pack, is now released separately. This highly mobile and well protected heavy infantry is equipped with the state-of-the-art powered armour. Specially fitted for the close quarters combat, the Shàng Jí is ready to get into action.

Hassassin Fiday (Boarding Shotgun) €7.50
The Fidays are the destroying angels of the Hassassin Society. This elite assassins are superb impersonators capable to adopt the appearance of the enemy o infiltrate behind his lines and strike with maximum lethality. And the best short range weapon to do that is the versatile Boarding Shotgun. Don’t even try to surrender, because this gorgeous Hassassin will not have mercy with you.

Marut (TAG) €35.00
Corvus Belli is pleased to introduce a new revolution in Mecha-style miniatures with the Marut, the powerful TAG of ALEPH. Inspired in the most stylized Japanese Mecha tradition, the Marut is a sexy female four-armed war machine. Equipped for close combat and also for long range confrontations, the Marut can detect any hidden enemy who can be on the battlefield. In the Infinity universe, covert and secret armed conflicts threaten the global peace. Onto this stage, as if from nowhere, come the Maruts to protect the human AI and to end the wars.