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MaxMini previews Mean and Green Gobbo

MaxMini shows off a new gobber they've been working on that will be released soon.

From the preview:

I have to admit that in the late 80's and in 90's I've got my share of action movies. Titles like "Rambo", "Predator", "MiA" have comfortably set in my memory. So when a space for a slightly more funky project apeared I've quickly decided to fill it with something that was based on those blasts from the past :) .

When I worked out the guideline Robert made a frame from brass wire with green stuff on top and started building up shapes with FIMO clay. As it is rather small miniature he has been able to do most of the sculpting within a day.

I've decided to put "use best tool for teh job" principle into action and asked Kuba to work on the weapons in Rhino.

Robert could have done it with putty / plasticard but it would take way longer and the results would be less crisp. By combining tools we've been able to complete the task within a day. WHen the 3d prints were ready they were cast in resin and assembled with the gobbo.

And here it is - mean and green (aka Sylvester ;) ) :