MaxMini previews 3D renders of new heads and wants your input on them

By Polar_Bear
In Modelling
Jul 19th, 2012

MaxMini has a preview of some new heads they’re working on and they’d like your input as to how they should be released.

From the preview:

Particpate in a poll that will decide which variant will come out first here.

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  • Note, the poll is a facebook poll..
    These heads look great.. probably the best IG replacement heads I’ve ever seen.

  • Myrthe

    These look great but I think the exaggerated cheekbones are a bit overdone. It gives them an almost skeletal, undead look.

    • My guess is that it’s intentional… I can’t speak for everyone, but I don’t shade very many of my RnF infantry.. so the exaggerated feature might provide that naturally… I think if we were to see some painted or at least rendered in a lighter value, the ghoulish look might not be as pronounced.

  • lochmoigh

    Are they clones? All the face look exactly the same.

  • Przemas

    @lochmoigh : check the description on facebook. Renders above show 2 heads with various equipment options as equipment/style is subject of the poll. To see actual face variant check this link:

    4tonmantis: You’re right , it’s intentional . Simply put you need to overdo facial features slightly otherwise you’ll loose this detail when scaling those for 28mm minis :).