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Nov 18th, 2011
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From their announcement: have just added Scrap Tank model to their webstore.

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  • lordofexcess

    Honestly its a nice model … but for something that there aren’t tournament rules for … you just going to be using this in home fun games … Ramshackle games makes similar vehicles for about 1/4 the price (if not less). One can also just make said vehicle easily on their own with plasticard, a small diameter hole punch (available at your local craft store), etc. That is an expensive option time wise thought. Still for a model that can’t be used in tournament play, something that your just going to be using for fun scenario games … I’d just kitbash up one of Ramshackle’s models and/or there are other turrets out there on the market for this and tracked vehicles it would be pretty easy to approximate this very well for a far, far lower cost. Just my two cents …

    • You can make that out of plasticard??? I would be very impressed.

      Model looks good as most of the maxmini usually does!

      • evernevermore (John)

        Lord of Excess isnt too far off. The drive train is the hardest part to produce (assuming you steal weapons from your bitz bin)

        • geudens

          I agree it is nice, apart from the price… Your are also spot on about Ramshackle.

  • Very nice model. Good job.

    Some players do more than play in tournament’s, some play to have fun. Crazy idea they might even just want to paint a great looking model.

    • Exactly. I dont actually play in tournaments, pretty much only play for fun!

  • puster

    The problem is not the lack of rules – in 40k you could play it as an enclosed Looted Tank or Battletank with a big gun (variant depending on tank type) – or make yourself rules from Forgeworld “Raid on Kastorel-Novem” (if you are so deep into Orks to buy this tank, you probably have that, too). The problem here is that many tournaments do not allow for non-GW tanks – but Orkplayers will probably have sufficient rule-conform tanks to field at tournaments, and use whatever they like in friendly games.
    Apart from that, many CAN certainy do this cheaper themself – but do we have the time for it? I already have half a dozen indivudalized tanks – some severly kit-bashed so that nobody finds out what is beyond all these plates & glyphs, but still this would make a nice addition.
    The two questions that arrive is: it it worth it, and can we affort it. Personally I will answer the first one with a definite yes.

  • mrbushtroll

    love it
    that is a real character on its own

    if shoots and moves…….watch yer ass