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By Polar_Bear
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May 2nd, 2013

MaxMini lets you get out there and really ride your hog with their new rocket pigs.
Why? “Because why the heck not?” That’s why.

From the release: released a set of mechanised boar/pig models to their webstore.

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  • Pigs in SPAAAAAAACE!

    Wait. Wrong kind of rocket pigs. Still, these look mighty cool. Snakebites at the ready!

  • Wait a minute. Has EVERYONE priced their minis in line with GW these days? Man, nice or not, those are NOT cheap.

  • Przemas

    Well, it’s rather down to reality check – high quality resin kit is rarely manufactured by one of mass production methods. Thus you simply can’t charge pennies as you woould make a loss (especially if when selling to retailers) and thus you would have to close your venture. That’s one of the reasons we’re investigating and trying different casting methods. But got to admit I won’t choose one if that would mean noticable drop in quality – I simply wouldn’t enjoy making and selling something I’d consider inferior 🙂 .

    • 4tonmantis

      If you’re the manufacturer..
      I bought GW boar riders and raided my leftover ork wheels and stuff from kitbashing my vehicles. Even after buying a AoW boar rider it was waaaaaay cheaper than that. I respect your reasons for the decision making but you are missing the other side of the equation. It doesn’t matter how nice your castings are, with prices like that per mounted figure, you will be lucky to pay your tooling costs.

      I’m not trying to tell you how to run your business, just letting you know how I make decisions on purchasing.
      Anyway, good luck with these.

      • Przemas

        hmmm… I think you’re overestimating tooling costs 😀 . In fact when it comes to resin materials are rather cheap , even those used for moulds . What is really expensive with resin is labour cost.
        But don’t get me wrong – I can see your point. Heck, that’s one of the things I always consider when we’re working on a more “planned” release. But from time to time (as with rocket pigs) we have something we did as a side , fun project and we’re coming along the lines “this one is fun , but is catching dust on the shelf – why not release it” 🙂 . Fun factor over careful business decision 😀 . It does not happen often but I’m really happy we can pull out such things from time to time 🙂 .

  • jahatch28

    It is always a tough line… really nice models, especially that modellers may want or that offer something different, and where you don’t need a lot of them per se, might have a reasonable market especially if there isn’t a lot of inventory sitting around in a warehouse gathering dust… also, it doesn’t seem like maxmini is trying to outsell GW or similar games, just offer alternatives for people that really want that different model or that are looking to do a nice model/diorama/character model or unique unit.. I agree that price seems steep to me, but so do most GW and PP models at this point!

  • Damn I wouldn’t say now to a bunch of them but the price is a bit to high for me.

  • wormwoode

    These might be my favorite sculpts of the year, to date. $20+ USD for a single pig (and a random one, at that) is well out of my league too, I’m afraid. Sure they’ll sell well to the game-budget demographic a step or two above me, though.

    Seriously fantastic sculpts.

    • Yes, the random is a bit off putting as well. The trolley cart wheels pig looks like he would tip over! 🙂

      • Przemas

        LOL – if you read the description you’ll notice it is not that random 😀 . Moreover it is common option for our sets that if you order through a webstore you can specify what sort of mix you’d like to get by typying it in the comments field during checkout 🙂 .
        I’d like to have more “automatic” feature implemented in our new web front, but such comments / custom request so far worked a treat 🙂 .