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Maximum Xcrawl, Pathfinder setting from Goodman Games

Goodman Games is running a Kickstarter campaign to bring Xcrawl, in hardcover, to Pathfinder.
It's like Running Man mixed with D&D. I could get behind something like that.

Maximum Xcrawl


From the campaign:

Summary of Kickstarter:

The return of Xcrawl, now powered by Pathfinder, in a hardcover format! You are a superstar athlete taking your chances in a live-on-pay-per-view death sport dungeon. This new edition includes all-new art and completely new writing, building on the core game concepts of the original 3.5E publication, which was Ennie-nominated for “D20 Game Of The Year” upon its original release.
The 160 page hardcover includes everything you need to play. The basic pledge includes both print + PDF edition.
The original 3.5 edition of Xcrawl is a wealth of material for the game. Depending on stretch goals achieved, this Kickstarter will also fund Pathfinder conversions of various early Xcrawl adventures.
Additional stretch goals include a GM screen, a pad of statistics sheets, adventure modules, more creatures and NPCs, a book of handouts, and more, including conversion of some Xcrawl modules to DCC RPG stats!
We are also producing two adventures as add-on items. Dungeon Detonation and Studio City Crawl are available to increase your pledge and help us reach our stretch goals!