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Maveryc taking Advance Orders for Pax Bochemannica

Maveryc has started taking names of those that want their Pax Bochemannica expansion as soon as it's available. Be the first gamer on your block with this book when it's released.

From the pre-release:

Well, it's a little bit later than we'd planned, but our first in the new S.P.Q.oRc series of Games and Supplements has finally arrived for the New Year!

Pax Bochemannica (Bosh-man-ica) is the new 28mm Fantasy Skirmish game from Maveryc.

The all-conquering Noman Orc Legions are claiming the farthest Northern edge of the world as part of their great Empire - The Halfling Boche don’t think so!

Join Maximum Voluum, his Hobgoblin aide Wort and four Noman Legionaries in their quest to recover the lost Standard of the IXth and subjugate the wild Halfling Hard Men of the region, or become a Wellard, leading your Hooligan Halfling Hardmen to victory over the oppressing Nomans.

Watch your characters develop and gain both experience and new skills, or feel the biting loss of hardened veterans as they fight their way through each battle.

This A4 Starter Box Set contains 20 miniatures (6 Nomans including Maximum Voluum, his trusty Hobgoblin Aide Wort and 4 Orc Legionaries as well as 14 Halfling Boche including Boris the Wellard and Paulie the Daive!) bases, tokens & dice, plus a 64 page perfect bound comprehensive skirmish rulebook containing background, scenarios, artwork and colour text. In fact, all you need to play except the measuring stick!

Maveryc will be attending several shows in the UK this year, with members of the Legio IX demo team running introduction games at each event.

We're already well under way with the first supplement Boxed set 'Khylies Heroes & Legio IX' and have lots of supporting miniatures planned for steady release over the coming months.

Vist our new site and start 2013 with a new game that's great fun for all the family!