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Master & Commander Frigates Released

Master & Commander FrigatesCapitan Games have released the Master & Commander Frigates version of their Napoleonic naval combat rules. From their announcement:
Master & Commander Frigates is a new game based in our naval rules system. Attached to a fleet, the frigates were the eyes and ears, ranging in line abreast over a immense expanse of sea while battleships kept steadily on line ahead, repeating signals and carrying dispatches. Detached either singly or in small squadrons the frigates might be sent anywhere in the world to attack enemy commerce and protect their own, to hunt down privateers or pirates, or to take part in the conquest of yet another colony. All this operations and engagements are covered by our rules "Master & Commander - Frigates". We have included 48 British, 48 Spanish, 48 French, 48 US, 40 Dutch & 24 Danish ships, including Two deckers, Frigates, Rasées, Sloops of War, Brigs of War, Schooners, & Cutters. The years covered with the ships are the American War of Independence, French Revolutionary Wars, Napoleonic Wars, & 1812 War.