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Massive discounts on selected Warlord Games books

Warlord Games is having a big sale on the rulebooks for their various games over in their webshop.


From the sales sheet:

While Bolt Action is our best-selling game, we have some other cracking rule systems too!!

We have decided for the rest of January 2014, that is until the 1st February 2014, to offer a hefty discount on Hail Caesar, Black Powder and Pike & Shotte making these great rules sets even more accessible.

As we are really awesome at Warlord we have decided to also offer a discount on all the supplements too, that’s each of the Hail Caesar army lists, Albion Triumphant 1 – The Peninsular Campaign and Last Argument of Kings.

The Zulu! Black Powder supplement and Albion Triumphant 2 – The Hundred Days Campaign are not included as they are too new for this nonsense!!

So as it says above its a New Year so why not try a New gaming system at a more than reasonable price?