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Masques Now Available From CMON

The new Doge (the royalty-type, not the meme-type) is having a masked ball. This is the perfect opportunity, of course, for you to find out how you can make sure that your needs for your faction are taken care of. If you can get in good graces with the Doge, as well as eliminate your competition, you can effectively be the one in power. Of course, everyone sees the opportunity in front of them and will be moving to do just as you are. Your goal is to outmaneuver your opponents during the course of the event and be the one with the Doge's ear (figuratively, of course) at the end. That's the story behind Masques, now available from CMON.


The game takes place over several rounds, broken up into dances, each with three movements. In the first movement, players will draft plot cards, either working to advance their own agendas, or keeping powerful plots out of other player's hands. In the second, you will play the aforementioned plot cards, going around the various portions of the palace and playing out your plans. In the third movement, your deeds are rewarded by giving you coins and influencing the various groups. The game ends when a player has either 1 influence with each of the 5 factions in the palace, or 4 influence over 1 of the factions.

You can pick up your copy now.