Masq-Mini has new BeeSPutty sculpting putty

By Polar_Bear
In Modelling
Jun 10th, 2013

Masq-Mini has released a new sculpting putty they call BeeSPutty. It’s available over in their revamped website.

From the announcement:

We have formulated a new bakable sculptingputty called BeeSPutty.

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  • Gallahad

    Man, I would love to get some of that, but an 80g container costs $24 USD shipped. I hope they get some distribution over on this side of the pond. There is no way I am going to spend $24 on 80g of a new sculpting putty.

    • Roebeast45

      I couldn’t agree more. I’d love to try this but that is a lot of cash for a little putty.

      • Gallahad

        Yeah, I was really excited until I saw that they wanted 10 Euro for shipping. It also looks like you don’t have to use gloves to work with the stuff like you do with epoxies like ProCreate. That would be a big plus in my book.

  • epoxyzombie

    Sorry guys, you can get a free sample by sending an email with your postal adress and the subject “BeeSPutty Sample” to [email protected]

    can understand that, but we are a small company and we have ingredience in that putty that are expensive. but you will get a better sculptingmaterial than sculpy. We have formulated a putty that has the best properties we can get without looking on the price. So you are right it is expensive and I hope if we can place it to the market that we can lower the price or I have putty til my lifetime ends 😉

    • Gallahad


      It isn’t a matter of your price for the putty itself, which I would pay for a superior sculpting material, it is the price of shipping. Have you considered talking with Neal at the Warstore or FRP Games or Miniature Market, etc. or e-figures or other distributors to get some US distribution? Shipping your BeeSPutty over here in bulk would likely cut down on the per unit shipping costs pretty significantly.

  • cannondaddy

    Does look nice. is there photos of 15mm work?