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Marvel Universe Miniatures Game Available For Pre-Order

Happy Deadpool day!
So, I know of several friends that went and saw the movie already last night. From what I've heard, they all seemed to really like it. I've not had a chance yet, but hopefully soon. But for those of you that did, and even if you haven't, if you want to bring The Merc with a Mouth to your tabletop, you can pre-order him, along with a bunch of other stuff, for the new Marvel Universe Miniatures Game from Knight Models.

As you can see, it's more than just the starter sets. There's a couple extra single figures, including Nova and Black Panther. Plus, you can pick up a new spray template as well as tokens that match all of the current sets that will be available. During the pre-order period, they have all the figures available for special prices, too.