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Martian Napoleonic Infantry Guide from AB One Games

AB One Games gave you the vehicle building guides, now they've got the guides for the infantry of the Napoleonic Martians. Or Mars Napoleonics. Just go look.

From the announcement:

A Truthful & Unique Account of the Napoleonic Armies of Mars is another introductory booklet to the Napoleon and the Armies of Mars rule-book. Along with the Construction Guide and the Vehicle Design Guide, players will now have enough information to allow them to create and design their own Martian war-machines and organise their infantry forces for the heroic and deadly encounters to come.

The Napoleonic Armies of Mars details the types of infantry forces that fought on the Red Planet, their weaponry, tactics and organisation and how they managed to support their own war-machines and pose such a serious threat to enemy vehicles. This booklet also provides information about Mutant forces - and the Radiance weaponry that proved such a lethal ingredient to this already over-heated conflict. Download a free copy from Wargame Vault