Marrow Productions unlocks first major expansion to Journey: Wrath of Demons

By Polar_Bear
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Nov 18th, 2013

Marrow Productions have unlocked the first major expansion to Journey: Wrath of Demons over in their Kickstarter campaign.


From the update:

We have unlocked the White Bone Demon Expansion. You have been guessing what is included, and now we can show you that this is much more than a simple miniature bundle. The White Bone Demon Expansion is a real change to what is on offer. 10 more plastic miniatures, new types of Demons and their Demon Boss, many cards, a rules supplement and a Map Tile for Yara’s lair:

Yara, the White Bone Queen, an oversize mini approximately 70mm tall, with a 2 square base.
1 Yagara Bone Beast, an oversize mini approximately 40mm tall/65 mm long, with a 2 square base.
2 Yangu Bone Generals
6 Yataru Bone Warriors
4 Demon Profile Sheets, a new Demon Deck, new Skill Cards
1 new Map Tile For Yara’s lair
New Quests

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