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Marrow Productions posts time-sensative pledge up on their Journey Kickstarter

Marrow Production has posted their very limited-time Kickstarter add-on over in their Journey: Wrath of Demons campaign. You've got until tomorrow to get in on it.


From the update:

The 3 day count down has begun. At Monday, 28 October, 21:30 Eastern time,UTC-4hrs, we will save a list of all the current backers. If you are on the list – if you pledge before the deadline – and at the end of the project you are eligible for Collectors Upgrades, you will get a free resin Xi Fung mini, with game cards.

If you are on the list, and you are eligible for Boxed Game Upgrades AND we unlock the plastic Xi Fung, you will get a free plastic Xi Fung. Molds for plastic minis are expensive and we need the pledge total to increase before we can commit to this mold. But it is in our stretch goal list and with only a little luck, it will be unlocked. Backers will only receive one free Xi Fung, either resin or plastic, not both.