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Marrow Productions' Journey: Wrath of Demons unlocks new stretch goal

Marrow Productions has made it through another stretch goal over on Kickstarter. They've added new Fortune cards to Journey: Wrath of Demons.


From the update:

You are still knocking these stretch goals down! Great work, backers! We see Journey being mentioned in many places on the web and we know this is your work. Awesome.

So, we have unlocked 20 extra cards, 10 Fortune and 10 Misfortune cards, buffs and debuffs handed out with a spin of the wheel. More on exactly how these cards work in the next game play update. So, what are you getting? 20 reprints of our favorite cards? Of course not. 20 new cards for the deck? We can do better! These KS exclusive cards can be used to mix things up a bit.