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Marrow Productions teases Limited Time Goal in Journey Kickstarter

Marrow Productions knows a lot of people like to wait until the last minute to get in on Kickstarter projects. But as a bonus to those that back early, they're going to be having a Limited Time stretch goal and add-on.
They've also passed their $120k goal and are close to breaking their $130k one already.


From the update:

Hello backers. You have lots of questions, but we can put one to rest. What is the mystery Limited Time Bonus?

It takes some nerve to pledge a chunk of your money to a couple of strangers running a new company. We know that and we really appreciate it. There are some potential backers out there, watching our progress or planning to come back near the end to see what opened up. That’s a fine strategy and we respect it. But we really are grateful to backers that took the plunge and supported us in the early part of the campaign. As well as saying thank you, we’re giving some of the backers that made their first pledge before the time limit, one free copy of this add-on.

When is the time limit? Three days after the Limited Time Bonus Stretch Goal is unlocked. Not a fixed date, but it’s coming soon. Current backers have already made the deadline, and anyone on the fence can beat the deadline too, if they are quick. We’ll give you some reminders, don’t worry.

Who gets it? Well, it’s a resin Add-On, so we’re giving it to backers receiving Collectors Upgrades. If you are receiving Collectors Upgrades at the end of the campaign, and you made your pledge before the time limit, you will get this resin Add-On mini for free.

What about backers getting just the Boxed Game Upgrades? This Add-On is resin only at the moment, so we can’t give you a free plastic mini yet. How about we make a deal? If we unlock the plastic version of this mini later in the campaign (we want to), then we will also give a free plastic mini to all backers that qualify for Boxed Game Upgrades at the end of the campaign, so long as the pledge was in before the time limit. No double dipping this time, you only get one free mini, plastic or resin.

What is the mini? Hey, we can’t give out too much information ;-)