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Marrow Production previews Dragon Princess artwork for Journey: Wrath of Demons

Marrow Production has posted up a preview of the Dragon Princess for Journey: Wrath of Demons.


From the update:

What is the new miniature? Perhaps you have noticed this announcement was not a stretch goal? We knew she was coming from the start and we always planned to have the steel mold for plastic production. She will be offered as plastic and resin immediately, with nothing to unlock. Want more? We will create a Kickstarter Exclusive pair of dragon wings and you can choose to assemble her with or without the wings. You get the Dragon Princess Profile Sheet and the standard 10 Pilgrim Skill Cards. Do you have one more question? How much will this cost me, perhaps? You should know better than that! Nothing. The Dragon Princess is a plastic Boxed Game Upgrade and a resin Collectors Upgrade. She is free to most backers! Just a way to thank you for supporting us and a celebration of being halfway to our destination.