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Mark Your Calendars for Privateer Play Day

Privateer Press has announced Privateer Play Day, a new semi-organized event coming to a gaming store near you.


From the announcement:

What is Privateer Play Day? In one sentence: It’s a day when you and your friends meet up to play your favorite Privateer Press board and card games at a participating retailer, get free swag just for doing so, and potentially win an awesome grand prize. Plus, your local retailer can win a separate grand prize just for hosting the event. (Turns out, it takes two sentences.)

A participating retailer chooses on which day during the week of May 4–10 it will host its Play Day. On that day, you and your friends come into that retailer, sign up, and bring in your personal copy of whichever Privateer Press board or card game you want to enjoy from among critically acclaimed titles like the terrifying and tense LEVEL 7 games, the quick and zany Bodgers Games, or the strategic deck-building game of High Command. Privateer Press will provide a bounty of swag to participating retailers to give out based on the games you play.