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March to Immortality Vegas Style!

Dark Age Games have updated the information about their March to Immortality event being held at Neoncon.

From their announcement:

Don't forget this weekend the First March to Immortality Tournament will be held in GA, but on November 5th 8pm we will have a March to Immortality event being held at Neoncon, oh and did we mention it's in Vegas? Yeah baby!

Registration for the event is live at Neoncon. There are 32 slots available and seats are filling up quickly. Everyone who preregisters for the event will receive a free DA poster and a Limited Edition Dark Age miniature of their choice.

In attendance to help run the event is Dark Age Games very own bj and Ross of CMON.

Remember the winner of the 24+ seat tournament will receive a free round trip ticket to GenCon 2012 to compete in the Immortal Tournament! Winner of the Immortal tournament will get the chance to make their very own miniature for the game, to be immortailzed forever!!

Read up on the basic tournament rules for more questions regarding The March to Immortality at Dark Age Games website.